Monday, September 12, 2011

Date night manicure

So my wonderful friends helped me out so I could get an overnight to surprise Mr. Mommy Does Her Nails for his birthday. I had to have a great manicure (as you well know). Also I must apologize for being MIA - first week of school with an autistic child who is mainstreamed as well as trying to pull together a birthday surprise can lead to somewhat of a stressful week. Somewhat ;)
At any rate a friend of mine brought over some polishes for me to try and lo and behold she has Orly Rock Solid *dreamy look*. French twist that with Zoya Blair and you've got a hot combination:
 Rock Solid is hard to capture but there's holographic glitter in it and in the sun it shimmers like crazy. It's pure gorgeous!
To get clean tips use tape after you've painted the base. I used Out the Door top coat between layers and I have to say I like the thinner formula (in comparison to Seche Vite) I will probably keep both on hand.
Loads and loads of glitter - I'm pretty sure this one will be a future lemming for many nail polish addicts so be sure to keep an extra bottle on hand for swaps *winks*.


  1. Thanks all for the great comments - I wish I had the zipper stamp so I could "unzip" this one ;)