Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Three-toned: Tiered, shimmering glory!

WARNING: Not a mom or time-friendly manicure. But sooo worth it! My two-toned manicures seem to get the most attention so I thought I'd take it a step further. Whew!
I was shuffling through my old Bundle Monster set and lamenting how small the full nail designs are when it dawned on me that, turned sideways, and with a tape manicure, they are totally useable! No trying to line up and double stamp. Just layers of stamped gorgeousness.
With flash to bring out all the shimmer *happy sigh*

You do not want to know how long this one too. I apologize for the extra bits of skin I apparently missed *blush*


  1. I'm really intrigued how long this took now....! Over an hour?! I love the gold polish and stars combo as well, shame it's too small as it would love lovely as a full mani!

  2. Lol - I did it in stages and had to let each color dry (or the tape just pulls the bottom color back up) so prolly closer to 2 1/2 hours to do. I didn't have much seche left or it might have taken less time. Actually the stars and arrows does work for full nail (on a shorter nail) because the design doesn't cut-off at the sides!

  3. This is gorgeous! Great idea :)