Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Julep Christina

To begin I am a Julep Maven. I know there's some people who are a tad upset about the referral link issues. It was never about the referral program to me, but I do understand how some might get upset. It was a no-win situation for sure. 
That aside I did get some credit and wanted to order a polish that I couldn't find on anyone's site. Christina was a super hard one for me to pick because, while it says intense orange, it looks red on the site. I have several reds and I wanted orange. I got orange:
It's got more of pink undertones then red. It reminds of this red-orange crayon I got in a box of 64 when I was little. It was my favorite crayon! I would hide that sucker so no one else could have it.
Signature bottle. Very fun packaging. I adore great packaging.

So much shimmer! This is two coats. No streaks, fast-drying and a fantastic color. Here's the thing though. These bottles are about half the size of most polishes and cost 14/ea. I love their nail polish - the formula is fantastic - but that IS kind of a hard price to swallow. They are SUPER high quality though.....and I will admit that I do want more of their colors. I may be hooked.

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  1. Wow, she's hard to capture, isn't she?!?! I still want to see a comparison to Kimmy! ;)