Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Going Punk for the PTC meeting: Candy Corn tutorial

So most people look at a calendar before making major changes to their appearance. Things like first PTC (Parent Teacher Club formerly Parent Teacher Assosciation) or father-in-law's wedding prohibit them from doing something like, say, dye a huge chunk and the tips of their hair bright red. Like so:

Oh the black nails? Yeah about those. So I decide for my PAA candy inspired manicure to do candy corn nails. I've seen bags of them at the store and I WANT THEM SO BADLY! And I have this Rimmel Pro Salon Black Satin nail polish I hadn't used yet, which would display the candy corn so nicely. I get the base on and suddenly realize I don't have time to do the art before the meeting. Wow. Go me. Punk rocker red hair and black nails. I ended up not going...but I did show up to my son's IEP meetin sporting this:
Step 1: Cut strips and lay them down. Don't meet them exactly in the center at the cuticle since candy corn has a rounded tip. My Sally Hansen XtremeWear White Out is nearly gone and goopy to boot so this was super tricky.
Step 2: After the white is dried lay down another strip less then a third down. If you look at a picture of candy corn the orange in the center is bigger then the yellow base or white top:
Step 3: Paint the orange:
Step 4: Lay down another strip of tape. Paint the yellow:
Once dried carefully peel up the tape. I only had enough white to do one and it really could have turned out better but I was in a hurry. I used Sinful Colors UFO to paint over the black on all the other nails and WOW do I just adore this combination:

Tons of glitter - it shines and just looks amazing with orange, green, and blue accents in the glitter itself.

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  1. Candy corn tastes awesome! Love it, the red highlights are awesome!!

  2. <3 You totally rock - I'm LOVING my highlights for sure ;)