Monday, October 3, 2011

Blue on blue and Monday Minicure

I have GOT to get better about my Monday manicures. This week's challenge over at PAA on Facebook is blue on blue. Also I got distracted by's random but how random are different textures in a duo tone manicure with different blues? Ok not that random....anyhow.....
Starting from the base up we have Julep Jaime, Sally Girl Blue Glitter, NYC Skin Tight Denim, and then China Glaze Crackle Oxidized Aqua. I did a top coat over the glitter and then top coat over the whole thing at the end so this ended up pretty thick.
  I love the effect! The Sally Girl is my first of this polish type and I totally love it!

 Such a wonderful manicure but the thickness of it was quite a bit. The differences of textures and all the blues made my hubby happy who thought it was amazing! Now onto the cute part of this post.

The other day my daughter announce she was big enough to do her own nails - when asked at the dinner table what the best part of her day was she said, without hesitation, the part where she got to do her nails. Such happiness!!!

Look at how carefully she brushes off the excess polish and how neatly she paints!!! So much cuteness - my hubby says I've created a monster. Welcome monster to the nailaholic ranks - where we chase lemmings and dusty hunt to feed our passion ;)


  1.,lol! I look at this color combo and it immediately made me think of a well-worn pair of blue jeans! Really nice!

  2. this is adorable!! I am also creating a monster, but she's in training :) She loves nail polish as much as i do! i think she is doing such a great job!!!! love the blue mani too!

  3. It really does seem reminiscent of that favorite pair of jeans we all own doesn't it?? <3 Gotta ADORE monsters in training right;) The mom and daughter that paint their nails together stay together!

  4. Your mani is really pretty and your daughter is absolutely adorable! :)