Monday, October 17, 2011

Epic nail haul/mail and my apologies

So much to say! WOW what a weekend - epic nail mail. I did the Zoya BOGO4 and score Zoya Midori (and Zoya Noel for my recent giveaway winner - my first outgoing nail mail!). But when the package arrived it was, alas, missing Midori! However they got it sent out right away and it arrived last Friday. Happy day. But wait - there's more!! Saturday arrives and delivers a Julep package containing the Colombus Day special (Alfre and a 1 oz. bottle of Glow On) and Stefani.
THEN my girlie over at Constantly Redone shows up with a gift of adoration: The Back to Boho Color Club collection and a Maurice nail polish (unnamed but oh so gorgeous rosey-copper color) - and today she comes over with Revelon Facets of Fuschia and some of those super cool nail polish remover pads (in pear scent). Oh and I snapped up a Sally Hansen Inst-Dri I'd been dying to get my hands on.

The apology is for skimping on posts - I'm on a no buy status AND prepping for a women's retreat wher I'll be hosting a nail workshop. I have all this amazingness and so very much more coming up. Really a very happy, exciting time!!