Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Essie Luxeffects: Shine Of The Times = WOW!

So I recently bought the unnamed Cosmetic Arts flakie and its, well, flakie. All over the place flakie and in all directions and somewhat untameable. Still gorgeous but it has NOTHING on this:
Essie Shine Of The Times. All the swatches I've seen didn't capture the incredible light and depth of this polish! All of these are natural light - no flash. Silky smooth formula and application makes this nail polish such a win!
Here's the bottle itself - flakie goodness! This is painted over Orly Fowl Play and a variety of purples. I adore this manicure.
Here it is in lower light. Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! Interested in getting the Essie Luxeffects before it hits stores next month? Check out aveyou.com - use "FTD" at checkout to get 15% off - which would cover shipping costs if you order the whole collection!

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