Monday, November 14, 2011

Men polishing their nails: the ORIGINAL frontier

So a news article featuring a new line of men's nail polish perked my interest (as it no doubt should) since it poses the question, "Why shouldn't guys have a little fun without it being assumed they are gay, goth, or punkers?" Not that any of those things are wrong - it's more the stereotype. My husband is none of those and here's what he likes to do:
He only paints his thumbnail and loves layers. Here he's trying out one of the unnamed Cosmetic Arts from Ross.
He didn't like this one - he actually didn't layer it and wished he had. The large glitter drove him a bit nuts and he took it back off. I wish he would have let me take a picture of the one he did where he painted out Orly Peacock with flakies layered over it - it looked amazing!

At any rate he's just a regular guy who thinks my obsession is silly, enduring and adorable...and sneaks some tests of the polishes himself every so often. Check out the new line called EvolutionMen here and see how the test went for the reporter. To preoder go here.

For more male nail polish also check out ManGlaze - little rough around the edges (ie do not click through if you are easily offended) but I'm pretty sure that's because it is actually meant for rockers.

P.S. My husband thinks that new line is....weird. Men.  

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