Monday, November 14, 2011

On The Prowl: Cougar Attack

I love glitter. I do not love glitter by itself. The conclusion is I never paint glitter by itself. I also should have posted this one WEEKS ago but it got lost in my dozens of manicure pictures. Oops.
So it went on over this mocha colored Sinful Colors that I've already handed off to someone else so I don't even know which one it is!! Cougar Attack is copper colored glitter in a translucent brown base (not a jelly base).
This is the Sinful Color on its own.

And the accent nail fail. That's Zoya Gemma over the Sinful Color and it was not a lovely combination. However this Sinful Color made an incredible base to really make Cougar Attack shine!


  1. Please, what is the name of the color of this SinfulColor enamel?

  2. I forgot I did use this once before - it's Sinful Colors Nirvana - pretty sure it's a part of their regular collection too.