Thursday, November 10, 2011

French Tip Dip Kit: Review (photo heavy)

So I got to go and do a workshop for nail art and trends and asked a couple of companies for donations and French Tip Dip Kit was was kind enough to sent me a kit AND enough files and orange sticks for my entire class! Just so you know I did not pay for this kit and I wasn't actually asked to do a review, but I love it so much I bought a kit for a friend's birthday and wanted to share with you how it went!
Now this was my first time doing this and there IS a learning curve. If I were to compare it I'd actually say it's less difficult to pick up then stamping it and the results are much nicer then stamped tips (which I STILL can't seem to get on straight). The kit itself contains:
  • Tip tool with four different sizes
  • Large white nail polish (1 oz.)
  • Sheer Genius (.5 oz.)
  • 3 minute top coat (.5 oz)
  • 2 pots for pouring paint into for dipping
  • Art card (laminated to practice on and has instructions on reverse side

Supremely amazing little kit and so much nicer then taped tips!
Onto the conference itself:
 I first went through he contents - you can see in the photos that I have a typed sheet and it covered the steps for the manicure itself in depth and gave some tips and ideas.

All in all it really made the class amazing! I am so happy I got to share it with others and try it out for myself and really recommend it highly to those of you who have been on the fence about whether to do it or not. It works with any nail polish (just pour it into a clean pot, dip, and then apply), and always be sure to pour your nail polish back into the bottle after use and clean out the pot. If you are looking for the different kits available (some with nail polish and some without) check it out here: French Tip Dip Kit.

P.S. These would fit PERFECTLY into a stocking! Just an FYI.


  1. Love the look of french tips. Your nails have a much nicer shape than mine, though, I can't imagine mine would ever look that good. :) And how cool that they sent you that for the class! Fun looking at more retreat pics, too... I'm so ready for another one.

  2. I have multiple kits and have 2 more on the way for gifts. FTD is amazing!

  3. It is so worth the investment - they payout is stunning! I did my Halloween manicure with these and used a polish that wasn't one of there's.