Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Secret Santa Gift: so UNEXPECTED

When I signed up for the Secret Santa over at PaA I signed up for international. I spent weeks agonizing over my recipients gift and finally sent it off after buying way too many items and then settled in and waited to receive mine. I was a little shocked when I received a domestic one.....? I opened it up to find the most incredible haul of nail polishes INCLUDING many from my wishlist and a little of each suggestion I had put on my wishlist for my buyer!! Here's the inside of the card:
My person couldn't do the swap for whatever reason (hey life happens! I hope she didn't feel overwhelmed by my suggestions - I am easily pleased honestly!) So my giver explained that she was tasked with getting me a present. I.would.have.died. Just knowing my person was expecting those treasured international nail polishes and now I had to live up that?! And boy did she!!!
China Glaze, Zoya, Icing, Color Club, Bath and Body Works and one of my fave bags of candy!! WEEE! EVEN A SILVER CAP!
  • China Glaze Lubu Heels (Which I was DYING for)
  • China Glaze Unplugged (Also was dying for)
  • China Glaze Blue Iguana
  • China Glaze FYI (from OMG but you know that ;)
  • Zoya Julienne
  • Zoya Phoebe
  • Color Club Worth The Risque (the dud but still holo and gorgeous!)
  • Color Club Covered In Diamonds
  • Sinful Colors Envy (I already own this one so I really hope she's not too offended if I swap it for something else)
  • Bath and Body Works lotion in White Citrus
  • Mike and Ikes Lemonade Blends (YUM!!)
Such an amazing gift and I am so, so, so happy with it!!! 

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