Monday, December 5, 2011

Candy Cane Tips and all the shimmer

I just love this manicure! The first version was stripes over the whole nail which was an epic fail. I am not experienced enough to stripe with my non-writing hand. I could hear my striping brush laughing at me it was so bad. But this version is fun (could it be more perfect? why yes, but I don't care)
Step 1: Tips. You can use tape or stickers or a french tip dip kit (which is what I used). I had my tips on in about a minute and half for both hands with it. SUPER handy and no wasted tape. Happy, happy.
Step 2: Stripes. I used two different sizes of stripe brushes from my kit I bought here. It's an ebay store - shipping is slow but it's dirt cheap and has free shipping. You could also just use the tip of a toothpick and a safety pin for two different sizes.
Step 3: Paint on set of colors first diagonally. I started in the center of the nail to try to get my designs about even on all nails. Colors I used were Julep Emilie and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Red Carpet.
Step 4: Apply Essie Pure Pearlfection. I LOVE THIS EFFECT TOP COAT! It's amazing and gives a gorgeous pearl effect (perfect for a candy cane like luster).
 Step 5: Stamp on desired designs. For the holly I used a dotting tool to go back over the berries. On the tree I put a tiny bit of Julep Olivia in the stump and Julep Emilie for the tree part. I brush a layer of Essie Luxeffects for the lights on the tree and topped with a holographic large hex glitter I extracted from LA Colors Goddess. Instant bling!
Step 6: Top with favorite top coat. I'm rockin' the 3 minute topcoat from French Tip Dip and it's got gorgeous shine to it! Super glossy.
Total time: 20 minutes. Fast, easy, and great results!

Have a wonderful day - I am. Kids are all being so good, most of the Christmas shopping is done, and there is coffee and macaroons waiting for me in the kitchen. Life is so good ;)


  1. So simple but so pretty! I love this Essie, I haven't gotten any from this collection yet :(

  2. You NEED some from that collection - I didn't get the pink or silver glitters since I've seen so many everyday dupes of them, but the other three are simply amazing! Pure Pearlfection can be used on so many different manicures. I forsee it being used A LOT.