Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Stamp it out: Julep Selena over Maggie

When I first saw Julep Maggie I knew I needed to own her. A blueish purple (otherwise known as blurple) with super fine glitter. A friend received Julep Selena in her Maven box and I was stunned by the vintage chic color and knew I needed that one too. This is my entry for the Julep NOTD contest - drop by and give me a vote? 

Isn't it fantastic?? I just HAVE to try her over some other colors! My husband did not like this color but I knew the stamping potential was going to be amazing and, sure enough, he loved the final result on this one.

Sorta short today - bottomline Julep cremes are amazing for stamping. BUT they are super spendy sadly enough...then again so is special stamping polish! And I can do a manicure as well as stamp with these. Want to try Julep's at a bargain? Visit here and use the code NEWYEAR2012 for a discount :)

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