Thursday, January 26, 2012

Let's Layer: Shamrockin' with Emilie

So I posted a while back about Huemorista Shamrockin' Green that Constantly Redone doted on me with. I was saddened by the polish since it wasn't as vibrant as the pictures had shown and was quite thin. The bottle is tiny and it's a gorgeous polish but with there being so little of it I feel hesitant to use it. Well when I got Julep Emilie a solution presented itself:
A single layer of Shamrockin' Green over a layer of Emilie brings the earthy green and the gorgeous glitter right out without having to use so much! It's pretty much perfect <3

I went ahead and did an accent nail though I can't remember the color (if you see the burn on my finger there and you've read my blog for awhile you'll know this manicure is month's old!). But I DO know that glitter. It's Copper Crunch by Brash which is hand's down one of my most favorite glitters. I think I'll be doing some more Let's Layer posts. My daughter loves to mix polish so I'll get her in on the action. Until next time!

P.S. My toddler is intentionally rolling off the couch, yelling OW, laughing hysterically, and then doing it all over again. What.a.boy.

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