Thursday, February 9, 2012

Polished Components: Prepare to update your wishlist! (pic heavy)

So I decided with some of my play money I would indulge in some indie polishes (read independently made and owned nail polishes). After shopping my wishlist I settled on Polished Components and went with Pretties in Pink, Fire's Day, and Earth's Day. Color me impressed:
 So what we have here is, in the first image, two color shifters (Fire's Day and Earth's Day) with a holo finish. They will turn the color underneath into a duochrome and, in the right light, that lovely, linear holographic finish will come screaming through. The second image is Pretties in Pink: a partially opaque pink with a silver shimmer and small and large red hex glitters. Oh wow is this one so sweet!!! Above is three coats, but next time I'll be laying down a pink creme and then doing a coat over the top of that. I'm amazed at how much I LOVE this one! The formula on ALL of these is silky smooth and dries nicely and quickly. Amazing polishes and I have zero qualms with them :)
 Natural light. You can see that there's a slightly milky sheen that helps the primary color blend with the color beneath. The rosey red one is Fire's Day and the green one is Earth's Day.
 I know the middle finger isn't clean up, but that's because that's one coat as opposed to the two coats on the pointer finger. I actually like the look of the single coat and can't wait to try this over some other colors.
 With flash - WOW!!!
 Under the light in my kitchen. Like the giant nick? I started cleaning before letting them dry all the way - go me.
Lots of images I know but I wanted you to see how these looked in an array of lights. I only got two of these shifters and am making plans to get the other shifters. There's a line of elemental nights as well that appear to have a scattered holo effect. Pretty sure I need the entire line!

Super cute packaging - the polishes came wrapped securing in bubble wrap with kitty cat tape securing them! I adore cute packaging. I can't wait to see what lines she'll be surprising us with next!


  1. AWE... YEAH!!!!! They look soooo good on you thank you! You are the first person to blog about them and the first feed back I have gotten, thank you!

  2. Wow!! I want the elementals. And yes, indie companies are the best. :)

  3. I'm so happy to provide feedback! Makes me so happy that I got to be the first <3

    Liesl you should totally grab some of them up - she's local!! It's an indie polish that is local which, to me, made it even more awesome!

  4. I got four of the polishes and they are awesome. Great post!