Friday, February 10, 2012

Julep Valentine's Mystery Box and a warning

So I love these things. I didn't get one the last round but totally called the complaints that would be coming in. It feels like a spin off of a Maven box. And it does - I can totally see these contents in the American Beauty box. But guess what - it NEVER says a mystery box of NEW product. Just a mystery box of product. I assume since it has the same value as a Maven box it's safe to assume I'll see repeats from last month or the month before. It looks like a December box:
The scrub is INCREDIBLE by the way <3 Ok so I don't get the complaining. Seriously - you will be getting more for less no matter what and what you have dupes of you can gift. That was my plan going in (and those appliques will be going away). A mystery is a mystery. That's part of the fun! I bought my box knowing that I could be ending up with a box full of dupes. Oh well! So my warning: when you see a Julep mystery box and you've gotten the previous two Maven boxes you will probably get a dupe product. Just something to keep in mind :)


  1. I think Julep duped everybody on these Valentines boxes! You got 2 polishes which are a total of 22.40. The appliqués I believe were about the same price so that's another $11.20. And the scrub is about 14.40. So your box totals $48.80. The mystery boxes were suppose to range from $60-$200! I don't think your box totaled even $60! I think the mystery box at Christmas time was a lot better. People received more items. In my opinion it's sad especially because they already charge double the price for 1/2 the product for their polishes!
    I do love the blue color you got if that's Taylor. It is a pretty color.
    Enjoy your box.

  2. I do see what you mean but you are calculating based on the 20% maven discount and this was open to non-mavens as well so before discount it is 60 even. I WAS hoping for an additional color and I do feel you pay double for half of what other companies charge but at the 20 dollar price tag and no shipping I feel it does even out. I did luck out in that the purple/blue color was on my wishlist! Thanks for the honest feedback - its super appreciated :)