Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hubby's Picks: Second Edition and he got the hint

Hi polish fans! Went to WalMart last night. I was there around 10 so the indoctrination ceremony had begun (they seriously stand at the front of the store with all the workers doing chants - I've seen it more then once and it still disturbs me). I understand team spirit but it's worse then summer camp team songs!

Anywho I went back to the polishes (aka the safety zone) and found Hard Candy Beetle! It's usually sold out but there was nice, neat row of the glimmering gems and if I have to choose that or a Kardashian.....
Also grabbed NYC Matte Me Crazy. To think I nearly paid 18.00 for the Butter London matte two weeks ago...This is Hard Candy Beetle with matte and then a french tip done in Beetle again. Woo hoo I love this mani! So quick and easy :)

 I was having a hard time getting the gold to come out on camera. It sure is shy! I think it's definitely time to make a light box....

Also, as per the title, it's the second week of Hubby's Picks. All my goading him resulting in this set of polishes:
Julep Helena, Zoya Rica, and Orly Coffee Break. Hrmmm.....this should be interesting. Be back on Saturday with a fresh manicure done up hubby choice style!