Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hubby's Picks: You call this a challenge?

So my hubby came up with an idea for a regular post: he goes through my nail polish and picks anywhere from 2-6 polishes and I have to come up with a manicure using ONLY the polishes he pulled out. He's going to pick every Wednesday and I have till Friday to come up with something and then the post goes up on Saturday (day late on week one obviously cause we were working out the details). He's fascinated by my creativity and wants to challenge me. Well he's going to have to try harder:
I've been wanting to try out a mixed prints mani and when I saw the holo I knew the time had come. Here's the lineup he picked out:
We've got China Glaze FYI, Julep Selena, and Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Green Tea. Phenomenal! I would never have picked this trio but I freaking LOVE it!

All are natural light except the last one there. I used a variety of dotting tools and striping brushes to pull off this look and I did it on my other hand too only I reversed the colors. I love this manicure so much I don't want to take it off! I did 3 layers of FYI for my base and topped off with 2 layers of OTD for topcoat and we're on day three and still no chips!

In unrelated news my 3 year-old son loves to have me paint his nails but won't let his sister dress him up as a princess. The standards this boy has are odd.....


  1. THAT looks freakin' cool. I sort of can't stop scrolling through the pics! Awesome color combo. :)

  2. Thanks gals! Yeah he was awed by it but dumbfounded since he really thought he'd stump me. Can't wait to see what he picks next *mwahahahahaaaaa*