Friday, March 23, 2012

Zoya Gwin and Coloricon Clash...Love or Hate?

I got a day out with my girlies to Portland last weekend and it was AMAZING! We always go to Knob Hill and I look forward to my Lush and Beauty Blush Bar visits. OMG you don't have any Lush in your life?! I recommend giving their site a visit:

Anyhow it's Beauty Blush Bar that I was greeted with a lovely array of OPI, Zoya, Butter London, Stilas and more. They have a few shelves of being discontinued bargains so I grabbed Zoya Gwin:
Delicious orange with coral undertones and this oh so jazzy golden flash of duotone loveliness. Dry time was pretty good on this and since that usually my beef with Zoya I couldn't be happier with this color.

 I decided to try my two new Wet N' Wild Coloricons over the top of this. Uh-oh:

You get some of the green and blue flash (ring finger is Born Into Privilege and the others are Bow In My Presence). Mostly the glitter comes through and I spent several days trying to figure out if I loved this or hated this. It honestly changed moment to moment....

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