Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cover Band Sticks 'N Stones

So as you may or may not know Lynderella has competition. I've never pined or yearned for any Lynderella except Connect The Dots. So you can imagine I was STOKED to see this fantastic dupe make it's way to the market.
Now I know there's people strongly taking either side. Lynderella was a tad upset about this outright dupe (and lets face it with a polish company name like Cover Band it's hardly veiled), but there's NO shortage of customers for her and her supply simply does not meet demand. Also dupes happen (Zoya Spring collection and OPI Holland collection anyone?). This is why many of us blog - to show all the variations. I knew I had no hopes of ever obtaining CTD so Sticks 'n Stones it is. Also this is full size as opposed to a Lynderella and cheaper. Sorry Lynderella but this lemming is crushed.
Eeek ignore that mess in the right - I have this habit of picking at the topcoat that spills into the cuticle area. For those of you wondering this didn't pick up the tiny green and blue glitter scattered in the polish making this one a spot on match for CTD. There are GIANT black hexes but I didn't get any out onto my nail :(

I love, love, love the square glitters - hexes, squares, and bars - it's simply amazing! Dries surprisingly smooth and very quickly.

Now for this week's hubby's picks:
Kleancolor Leaves Jingle, Rimmel Burgundy Flirt, Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Wedding Crashers, and Kleancolor Coffee Addict and some gold nail art accents. Yes a little more challenging this week but I do have an idea already ;)


  1. :) As soon as I saw your post title I got all excited for you. I can honestly do without just about any glitter, but this one is freakin' cool.

  2. OMG, this color is amazing and the white/black glitter completes this manicure and gives the color an elegant but modern touch.

  3. Loved it over this coral color! Great combo!

  4. ha Welcome to the club! I cannot get enough of this polish! I love how the black and white contrasts with the bright base you chose, amazing mani!

  5. So I wasn't imagining things when I found blue glitter on my nails while wearing this?

    I love black and white glitter over a solid cream.

  6. Love this combo!!! It makes me excited because I just bought a bottle!!!