Sunday, April 29, 2012

Caught In A Web

Hey all - another hubby's picks mani for you. This one isn't particularly me but it was creative. It's my first striping tape mani!
He picked gold nail art accents. ICK! So I picked the worst one in there: the spider.
Underneath the top layer of color is a split of Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Wedding Crashers and Kleancolors Leaves Jingle:
I really liked how they layered together - reminded me of a raspberry. Yum! Then I laid down striping tape and painted over with Rimmel Burgundy Flirt with a stripe of Kleancolor Coffee Addict right down the center:

These are big, rigid accents that do not lay flat so the legs on these got caught on everything. I couldn't even do the other hand it was sooo bad. BUT I did the challenge and the end result looks pretty cool. It's just not really me.


  1. Oh I love it! the colours are amazing.

  2. Not me either but it's nice lol

  3. I like it more than you do. The effect is very cool and I do like the little gold spider. :)

  4. You gals are awesome - it just looked kind of dark and vampy and the spider gave it a goth feel - I have to say I AM going to do a striping tape mani with just the wedding crashers and the burgundy flirt since those layered sooooo nicely!

  5. beautiful layering love it and great pick from hubby!