Monday, April 30, 2012

Julep Maven "IT"Girl April Box

Ok so I was SUPER excited for this box. A Julep magnetic? Sign me up! I was also swayed by the lemony sorbet color...I own a single yellow and it's a creme. Plus orange - I LOVE orange!
We have Nessa (a lemon sorbet yellow with tons of shimmer), Ashley (a bright sunny orange also with a ton of shimmer) and Kylie (a vividly bright purple - the magnetic in the group).

Um where to start. Well this box was definitely summer in a box - the shimmers are that dreaded frost finish and yet they didn't streak hardly at all when painted out! I was stunned. However they were pretty sheer - pictured is 3 coats to get past VNL. Yikes. Despite this the glow is incredible on these!!!

So the insert said something about stripes....these are waves. I tried it out multiple times and it was waves every time. Also the lines are SUPER far apart making for an awkward design. I'm going to try with another magnet I have because the wand for this SUCKS.

These aren't overly original but I am solidly in LOVE with this orange and I can't wait to try out some stamping with that yellow. But the magnetic was a bit lacking with the wand - the color is STUNNING but that wand...sigh.

On another note both Kylie and Ashley had jacked up brushes on par with a 2.00 cheapie. Yikes! I called and left a message with CS about that so we'll see what they do about it.


  1. Great colors!!! Love the fun mani.

  2. I kicked myself for cancelling after I saw this particular box. The yellow and orange are great, and I was stoked to try a magnetic (not sure how I feel about fully investing in those yet). Bummer about the wand. The three look very cool together.