Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hubby's Picks (5): Metal and Fire

This week hubby picked out two reds and two blues. When I reached the final result all I could think of was when you get close up and see the finish on a car:
He picked all cheapies: Brash Sparkling Brick, Snowman red glitter, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Pacific Blue, and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Emerald Express. My first nail was the heart but it took a lot of work for so so results so I pulled out the striping tools. WIN!!
You can see better here - I put down Sparkling Brick first and then kind of layered the red glitter on the top half of the nail. Bold stripes in the blue creme with the flash of Emerald Express over the top to really pull all the flash out.
It's a fun combination and hubby ended up loving the bold stripes and the fantastic layering of the reds. I challenge you to ask someone around you to look through your stash and pick out an unusual set of colors to try out. It really pushes you.


  1. I love it. Red and glitter is always a great combination :P

    I passed on the Kreativ blogger award and the 11 questions tag to you (I couldn't find your email to tell you instead of putting it in a comment)

  2. This is awesome! Love love love this.

  3. I like this design! The red is amazing!

  4. Thanks everyone - I really, really LOVE it too but the snowman polishes chip so fast so it didn't live long.

    Cuti-CLUE-les thanks so much for the award - that's so awesome!

  5. Love this!! You'd think the guy knew what he was doing... ;)

  6. He honestly thinks he's picking terrible combinations - but it IS hard for him because I'm not afraid of putting colors together so I think he's at the disadvantage *grins*