Friday, April 20, 2012

"L" is for Ladybug

This is my sweet baby girl. I just adore this little one <3 She is sweet, sassy, cute, and mouthy as can be. We're working on that last one ;) Bit of some background for you though: I may do my nails all up all the time but that is ALL I do. I don't even wear foundation and own not one single dress. She owns more dresses then pants! Oh and she wants more too. Yet she is my little buddy....
 She gets letter papers from school for homework. Basically there's a letter of the week and then she has draw pictures of things that start with that letter. She drew ladybugs and hearts. The hearts are for love ;) It gets turned in on Friday (today). So mommy did her nails up like ladybugs to show her teachers! Do they give extra credit in kindergarten?
Aren't they cute? I wanted to put eyes on them but getting her to sit still for this was a big enough challenge.
Yup there's the sass.

Also today she asked to have her very own topcoat. I just love this girl!


  1. How cute is she?! She just looks so proud of her pretty little nails. How fun for you two. :)

  2. We have a lot of fun together - today she informed me she needs another box so she can have more nail polish to love <3