Thursday, April 19, 2012

CQ Rustic Dream, whymsy, and Hubby's Picks

I've noticed three things as of late:
  1. I don't have the desire to buy entire collections anymore.
  2. I don't need every single polish I have because I probably have dupes.
  3. I tend to shop higher end/harder to get/and more expensive polishes.
Bad habit. I hadn't hit Rite Aid in AGES. So when I went and saw a sale I decided to finally try out a brand I've looked at but haven't seen featured very often called CQ. Don't know the back story on this line is, but this one just looked fiery and passionate so I felt I needed it:
It takes some work but at 2.99 I would be a bit disillusioned to think it wouldn't. Lets be honest.

It flashes from a bronze-gold into a rosy metal pink with deep oranges to be seen here and there. It's incredible!!
Coat one was a hot, streaky mess. The worst of this finish type. But the color in the bottle urged me to continue. Three coats produced this gorgeous coat (still streaks
I sure am glad I did!! I couldn't resist doing some stamping though:

I tried out pink on one hand and loved it but it made the duochrome become more strong in the rose tones so I wanted to see what brown might do. The brown stamping looked just dirty :( But live and learn!
Now for hubby's picks! He thinks he's clever ;) I've already got an idea!! Tee hee.
We've got Snowman red glitter, Brash Sparkling Brick, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Pacific Blue, and Sally Hansen InstaDri Emerald Express. I know it's a day late but it couldn't be helped. It's been quite a week.


  1. I've seen these CQ polishes at my local Rite Aid but never gave them a chance. I might have to now :-)

  2. Amazing color! It looks like a brilliant sunset. Which is totally what you could do with your hubby's pick. Can't wait for it!! :)

  3. Be sure to check them out! I saw a few other duochromes that I'm thinking I need to head back and grab.

    It really is like a brilliant sunset huh? That's an interesting idea too...but I keep reverting to sponging lately and REALLY want to do a tape mani *hint*

  4. that colour is fantastic. I want one like that! It would be perfect for autumn

  5. That color is really pretty!

  6. beautiful manicure! and totally agree with the 3 points you noticed lol