Thursday, June 14, 2012

Baby girl is off to 1st grade

So I pause Layers inspired by My Little Pony (to resume tomorrow) to tell you that I went to a kindergarten graduation yesterday for my precious baby girl. Oh yeah - they do ceremonies with full on performances now. Personally I think it's getting a little ridiculous. Going from P-K to K and K to 1st are now both graduation ceremonies. 5th to 6th is as well as 8th to 9th and finally 12th. The only one I get is 12th to be totally honest. I never had graduations for all those other ones - sure we did class parties but my word!
Well I knew the other proper moms would have their daughters out in full gala so I had to send baby girl up properly:
To match her pretty dress:
She was just sooo cute! Also I did a manicure just for the ocassion and hubby picked out colors he though she would love and reminded him of his little girl:
A funky french with OPI Teenage Dream over the top. I had forgotten about this shimmer gem and I am soo happy I pulled it out!

So here's to the onslaught of summer. God help us all.

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