Friday, June 15, 2012

Hubby says: Fluttershy

So we apparently do not actually have this pony, but hubby insisted I do Fluttershy next so here she is:
We have OPI Teenage Dream on the bottom and Julep Nessa on top.

I went with the peekaboo style since she's pretty shy, but put the super sparkly pink underneath because there's a pretty brave and outspoken pony hiding behind that shy facade ;). For those of you wondering who this animal loving pony is:


  1. I freaking LOVE that yellow. And I love that your DH wanted you to do a pony you don't even have :) I really need to try the half moon style; it looks so cool!

  2. The half-moon is the perfect way to start trying out layers! It's really easy and super fun. I totally think you should do it ;)

  3. I love this! I really haven't played around with half moons enough. One thing I love is that you do 'hubby's picks.'

  4. We'll be back to hubby's picks this week - he just wanted to do a series on the My Little Ponies. I'm missing hubby's picks myself.