Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Father's Day...a little late *blush*

So I had this idea for a cute Father's Day manicure but spent all of yesterday cooking and baking for the love of my life. You've seen from past posts that my husband is incredible. He loves to encourage this passion of mine and contributes to my posts regularly. What you don't see is the love this man has for his family. He will sit and just let all of our kiddos climb all over him for hours! He's stern when he has to be and will be the first to say sorry when he does something wrong. He has the biggest heart and I am so blessed to have such a treasure in my life. My dad died when I was a baby and I grew up without a daddy. I always longed to be someone's princess and hurt so badly when my friend's daddys would pick them up, love on them, and adore them. I cried myself to sleep countless nights just wishing it could be different. My husband's arms bring that comfort and my most favorite thing is to watch him lavish love on our babies.


  1. Just beautiful. And I trust the maple bars were delicious. :)

  2. The maple bars were amazing!! You could do them too - I pinned them on pinterest. Just leave off the bacon ;)