Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hubby Says: Pinkie Pie

Sorry about it being days between posts. My cuticles and hands aren't transitioning in the heat so well and we just got my stepson which always makes things a bit chaotic for a few weeks since it happens right as school gets out. BUT here is Pinkie Pie as my next Layers Inspired by My Little Pony. Also... I will be posting Hubby's Picks tomorrow as well!! He was mean this week >.<
She's so super cute and bubbly with lots of curls and pink. We have Sinful Colors Easy Going which is a HORRIBLE formula and took three coats to get it non-streaky and gross looking. It's a very white based pink:
Yucky cuticles but oh wells - they don't love the heat and I still have to post so take that cuticles!

The pink is, I believe, L.A. Colors A Boo based on a quick Google search. I bought it in one of those packs of 7 that never have names *eyeroll*. The tips alternated in Essence Absolutely Blue and Julep Nessa. I topped it off with China Glaze Fairy Dust which plays so nicely in light but is a pain to photograph.

For those of you who are curious about who Pinkie Pie is (it's a longish one but sooo dang cute!!):


  1. Again a lovely color combination, I like it a lot! For the cuticles you could try a deep hydratation with a cosmetic Vaseline, I understand that it makes wonders!

  2. I think I mentioned that my sisters and I have boxes of ponies from when we were kids. We used to watch the cartoon, too, and while it's nowhere near the same, this is pretty darned cute. Maybe I'll queue this up after Jem and the Holograms tomorrow morning. ;)
    I really like white based pinks, I just think they're so very chic! They're the DEVIL to apply, though.

  3. I really should try a deep condition - it'd probably really help my poor nail beds.

    I agree that they are so chic! I could not stop looking at my nails. I think I need to invest in a better quality one though. Thanks so much gals!