Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Stepson, Summer in Oregon, and a baby shower

Whew! Hey, hey. If you've seen my Pinterest page you'll know my caption is Mommy Does...it all! Because she does. I have felt so insane this last month and my posting has been sporadic at best. A few updates: my stepson is here. There is an adjustment period with this and it takes a bit of time and patience to help a kid settle down and settle in. I just adore this boy though! He's a funny little guy <3

Also, apparently, no one told Oregon it was summer. So now I have a bored 7 year old, two 6 year olds, and a 3 year old all running around my house causing mayhem to help curb the boredom. Not sure who's going to survive honestly.

ALSO, getting to today's manicure, I took on a baby shower. I poured myself into it and totally forgot my camera to take a picture :( BUT here's the nails that matched the theme exactly:
Yes I said baby shower. Some tip wear since I took this after the shower. She HATES pink and girly and LOVES roses, red, white and black. So I went with damask to pair with the floral and it looked AMAZING!
I didn't think I'd be such a big fan of this one but it turned out so pretty! I used Sally Hansen White On as the base which is so stark. I stamped and then topped with Essie Pure Pearlfection to mellow it out and it did the trick!
For the take home favors I made these adorable Hershey's kisses roses and printed up Thank You tags in place of the leaves. They doubled as centerpieces in little vases with glass rocks. I love being creative in so many ways!
Thanks for stopping by - as promised I will have Hubby's Picks up...it'll just be tomorrow. It's been crazy!! Hope you are all having a great week :) Have to go as I hear baby girl crying for mama.


  1. Love your baby shower mani, those black swirls are my favorite!

  2. Cuuute party favors! The mani's not bad, either! I love the stamps you used, the colors, the overlay... gorgie. :) I cannot deal with the Xtreme Wear formula. I wish I could get them to apply as nicely as you do.