Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mistletoe in June

So I bought Orly Under The Mistletoe back at Christmas time (it's a part of the permanent collection) but never actually tried it. The sparkly green with darker green and golden flecks popped out at me the other day so I just to try it out:
I know I didn't do it completely up, but that's because I had other plans and didn't want it too thick. Three coats would probably bring it to full opacity. The base isn't quite jelly.
So pretty!!

Here's where things went wrong:
I saw a bright Sinful Colors peeking out of another box and an idea hit. It WOULD have gone right had I taped but I went with striping brushes *facepalm*. HOWEVER my daughter LOVED it and insisted I do it on her nails! It looked so cute on her...till she hit her entire hand on her dress before it dried or I could get pictures >,< Oh well...another day, another manicure. Hope your weekend was good :)


  1. Mistletoe is so stunning!!! I like the combo. I would have never thought to put those two colors together.

  2. They are pretty together aren't they - I like to do wacky combinations. I'm such a colorful person and I just adore contrasting shades - you gals should totally try it! Be brave and bold...I dare ya ;)

  3. That green Orly polish is breath taking, love it!

  4. Haha!!! I'm trying to be brave and bold. Baby steps though, baby steps. LOL!