Thursday, May 31, 2012

One Year Blogeversary and a contest

Guess what??? A year ago TODAY I started blogging!! My nails were stubs, my cuticles were awful, and I had huge pothole like ridges in the darned things but I started anyhow. I have learned sooo much and I've gone from my original three Zoyas (Irene, Trixie, and Gabrielle - oh how I remember that nail mail so vividly) to over 300 polishes. It's been a crazy year during which I discovered how much I adore nail art. Any nail art really (except that one where someone broke a cigarette apart and glued the insides to their nails...). I love art what can I say. So here's the deal: I want to see your nail art! You do NOT (and I stress NOT) have to have perfect nails. I just want creativity. Any media: skittles, stamping, ombre, water marble, single color, french, funky french, etc - ANYTHING!

1. Visit and pick ANYTHING (it could be their logo) to base your manicure off of. They have patterns, palettes, shapes - pick something that moves you.

2. Do a manicure based on that - be sure to keep the link!

3. Email me a picture of your manicure AND the link to what you used to inspire you (if it's not a specific palette or pattern then just write a sentence about what you picked such as third iphone case in).

4. Have fun!!!

5. Oh did I mention this is open to ANYONE? I want to see nails all over the world ;) I'll have a panel of myself, my husband, some of my friends and some other bloggers and we will choose the winning entry the second week of JULY. That's right - the WHOLE month of June is open for entry. Last day to enter is June 30.

6. Under 18? No problem! Get mom or dad's permission to enter, but it needs to be done with their email. Got multiple entries because mom AND her girlies (or boys!) want to enter? That's great too! Just put all the entries in with mom or dad's email.

Want to see what I did? Well here's the image and link to what I picked:
Vector Patterns by COLOURlovers

Here it is:

And what is the winner's prize? A full set of the US edition Essence Special Effects top coats:
From left to right we have Glorious Aquarius, It's Purplicious (the square glitter version), and Circus Confetti
Left to right again is Hello Holo, Night In Vegas, and Soft Touch. NOT PICTURED is a custom polish based on the winner entry made by Sassy Lacquer!!! She'll mix it up after the first week of July during which the judging will occur.

Email your entries to timandcandice  @  live  .com  (minus the spaces of course). Can't wait to see what you come up with! Be sure to follow me over on Facebook: Mommy Does Her Nails as I will be posting some more inspired by there. Have a great day and happy June to all of you!!!


  1. I love your inspired nails!!

  2. Oh I am so excited to try this out!

  3. Cute design and the polishes are amazing!

  4. Congrats on one year!! I can't wait to see the entries; the designs on that site look so fun! By the by... I just got the Vegas and Soft Touch topcoats, I can't wait to try them (or until my lil broken nail looks paintable again.)