Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Gleefully brilliant and gemlike

I bought Jesse's Girl Glee waaaaayyyy back when I was starting. The polish translates from the bottle to nail so amazingly giving all the depth and color shifts I saw when I bought it. I never really thought about doing an accent nail in a similiar hue but different finish until I accidentally set Glee down next to Butter London Slapper. Oooohhhh...

Bright turquoise to deep blue with micro glass flecks of gold flashing in between the shifts. Heart pounding in happiness. I love to just look at the bottle! The Butter London, however, is a creme/jelly in turquoise and I brought in the glod flashes by stamping in Julep Sienna.

I know it's a lot of photos but capturing the shifts and flashes is something only a series of photos can tell. And boy did it tell <3 Check out The Geeky Owl's post on possible dupes. You may already have something that is spot on similar!


  1. Gorgeousssss!!! Zoya Charla is one of my favorites. You know what, though? I have this big ol' "shimmer" tag in my tag cloud as the catchall for glassflecks and microglitter. Perhaps I should brush up on my finishes.

    1. I desperately need to get Charla - I am so in love with these shades and can't own enough of them. Orly Haley's Comet is close too (yup I own that one too).