Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July...and Hubby's Picks!

This manicure actually looked a little different in my head. Not to say it's's just not what I had imagined and you know how that can be:
Thumb and pinky are based with the Snowman glitter in fine red glitter and topped with Love & Beauty multicolored glitter (thank you guys for being original with your naming conventions). The pointer is a base of NYC Skintight Denim and stamped with my fave white for stamping: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On, and the two middle fingers are a base of Sally Hansen White On and striped using tape with Julep January.

So we're on tough times here which is kind of hard sometimes. But I made a million cupcakes for that baby shower so I have tons frozen. You know, sometimes you just need a cupcake:
Ironically all I have is Easter themed sprinkles so shimmery and pretty and so Easter like! I make amazing buttercream frosting from scratch and this is my absolute favorite. Lemon buttercream! It, literally, melts in your mouth while exploding on your tongue with the most amazing zest. Mmmmmm - may I recommend it? Heaven <3

Now the moment you've been waiting for *drumroll please* Hubby's Picks!
 Ugh....this time I am stumped because I had gotten that Sally Hansen Maximum Growth in a surprise box I bought on clearance for like 5 bucks and it is UGLY. I had it hidden in a box and he found it! He would >.< It's called Trust Mauve. So from left to right we have: Wet N' Wild Blue Wants to be a Billionaire, Wet N' Wild Ready to Pounce, Sally Hansen Trust Mauve, and Zoya Kotori. Both of those blues are SHEER. Wish me the best with this one cause I'm going to need it BIG time!


  1. From the picture trust mauve doesn't look that bad :P
    And now I really want a cupcake :(

    1. I'm a bright, vibrant colors kind of person...oddly enough nudes or softer colors like this are my bane. Also you really SHOULD have a cupcake! :)

  2. Oooh, tricksy. **googles Trust Mauve** Yikes, dude. Well, if anyone can turn that into a beaut, you can!

    Homemade buttercream is the freaking BOMB. I wish I had one of your cupcakes to lick all the frosting off. Mmm.

    1. Yeah it reminds of chewed up bubblegum that's been stuck on a table and sat in the sun.

      You know next time I do a cupcake bake off you should come Liesl!!

  3. I have the Slly Hansen color and I don't know why I bought it (on clearance) but when I put it on it was awful. :( I've worn it twice I think and that was right when my polish addiction began and I didn't have much yet. It's hiding at the back of my stash.