Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hubby's Picks (HP11)

No creative title this morning mainly because I was up far too late and had to get up far too early. Sad life right? Yeah I get about that much sympathy from the kiddos too. Such is life though and today is going to be a great day at any rate! I prepped mangoes for fruit crush later at our family bbq and, yeah, bbq. PLUS I'm going to go get the kids some GREAT deals on clothes! So without further ado Hubby's Picks:
I haven't done a two-tone manicure in a loooooong time. They look so fun though right? Base is Fashion Bug Cocktail Pink with Orly Sweet Peacock stamped over it. Then tape off and Sally Hansen White On stamped with Julep Molly. Pretty!
But, as usual with red over white, some smearing happened. No matter how hard I try it always happens with red over white.
At any rate I really love it and hubby was impressed (as usual ;) Have a great, summer day! Got anything fun planned??


  1. Gahh, you're so ridiculously good! I really like this one-- like, everything about it. Not much planned today-- church, boeuf bourguignon, and possibly a nap. ;)

    1. Thanks so much - you are so sweet <3 Not sure what that second thing is but it sounds delish! It totally sounds like something Julia Child would make *drools*