Thursday, July 12, 2012

My guest post at Sassy Lacquer and Hubby's Picks (HP11)

Hey everyone! Had your coffee yet? I haven't :( Saddest thing ever right? Well I did a guest post over at Sassy Lacquer so be sure to jump over to see my neon laser nails: Nifty Neon Laser Nails. I won't spoil it, but it's a really cool manicure and her blog is super cool. Geeky Owl's is up over there too so be sure to check her's out as well.

....and now for Hubby's Picks!
 Front: Sally Hansen White On, Fashion Bug Cocktail Pink, and Julep Molly.
Back: Orly Sweet Peacock.

Oh yeah! Super neat set of colors he picked this time....they were all ones sitting out from recent manicures o.0 That's what I get for not cleaning up. BUT it will be awesome and it will be up on Saturday. Have a great day!!

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