Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hubby says: Princess Celestia! Plus....Nightmare! (photo heavy)

Princess Celestia and Nightmare are sisters. One governs the day bringing forth the sun (Celestia) and one governs the night bringing forth the moon (Lunar who became Nightmare). Lunar became jealous that her sister's gift was enjoyed by all the ponies so she tried to make it forever night taking the name Nightmare. So here is Layers Inspired by My Little Pony Princess Celestia:
I could not find her crown. No idea what the kiddos did with it but the gold nail is to represent her crown. One additional issue with this image is that Celestia is a pinkish purple color. In the cartoon she is white....I did some research and it was apparently a design flaw that the company refused to suck to. Kind of lame, but my manicure is more based on this image of her:
Much better! I did her hair for my tips and covered it with Essie Pure Pearlfection to bring in all her shimmer.

I did two colors on each tip and sponged them to gradient it like her flowing mane.
Extreme close up to see here. Julep Sienna on the tip with Julep Oscar over the top and then topped with CND effects in Copper Pearl (that's the lovely micro shimmer you see).

To show the sisters together:
Image by artist Johnjoseco here.

I recently received HoneyRainbow Mare of the Moon inspired by Nightmare herself from my own enabler Constantly Redone (I know! I am so spoiled!!)
So gorgeous - I layered it over Julep Taylor since it's a mini and somewhat sheer (lots of indies are) and to help it flash from blue to purple.
Little moon shapes are dispersed throughout the shimmering, glowy polish.
That, ladies and gentlemen, is Princess Celestia and Nightmare. I have one, single pony left to do and she was left to last for one reason: she's my hubby's all time favorite! Can you guess who she is?


  1. Beautiful mani and HoneyRainbow Mare of the Moon is gorgeous!

    1. Isn't just so pretty? The moons are kind of hard to fish out but the shimmer and complexity of the polish are totally worth it to me <3 Thanks so much!