Thursday, August 2, 2012

Minnie me Polka Dots and Hubby's Picks!

Good Thursday evening everyone! I'm still having a crazy week...month....summer. You may or may not know that I'm a graphic designer and recently jobs have been coming in. This is really great except it's very difficult to research, sketch and conceptualize with a 7 year-old, two 6 year-olds and a potty-training 3 year-old constantly wanting something. Finding the balance between mommy, manicure artist, and graphic designer is proving to be hectic on a good day. Throw in momma's usual made from scratch meals and freezer cooking and I'm pretty much at insanity level. BUT I'm happy's an odd mix!

At any rate I ordered OPI Miami Beet in hopes that I'll be able to one day order Whimsical Ideas by Pam Peanut Butter & Jelly to wear over the top but oh my goodness this polish arrived and it was so much more amazing in person then on screen!!
I dotted in Sally Hansen Complete Manicures Green Tea and then dotted on that in OPI I'm OK, You're Bouquet. In case you're wondering I did this on my other hand too. Now for Hubby's Picks!
Sally Hansen Purple Pizzazz, OPI Pros and Bronzes, Orly Winter Wonderland, and Julep January. Why on God's green earth is there instant coffee in there you ask? It's the end of the month. And I'm out of coffee. And I already told you about how hectic things are. What's worse? I drank it with milk for lack of creamer :( Sad life right?

In closing I want to apologize to all you great gals out there. I haven't been frequenting or commenting on blogs like I used to. I'll be back up to speed come start of school when two of my cutie pies step onto the yellow bus of freedom!

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