Monday, August 20, 2012

Huemorista: A risque polish line

Doing a little review here since I saw that Huemorista hit 450 likes on Facebook and is doing a 25% off sale AND she has an on-going deal for beauty bloggers (free shipping!) which she is stacking. Her lines are risque themed which I totally LOVE. For you today we have Delicious Deeds and Panty Peekaboo:
First Panty Peekaboo. It is THE most glowey pink I have EVER seen. I have no clue how she got it this shimmery and packed with glow power but it is pure satin on the fingers. It's also SUPER sheer (above is 3 coats), but it would layer over a white based pink like a dream with shockingly quick dry time. Little, iridescent flakies adorn this pretty polish and make it shimmer even more. I am not a pink person but I just love this one.
Onto Delicious Deeds. First look how rich that shade of brown is. Chocolate rich with a rosey feel. In direct sunlight it flashes from brown to pink in the most interesting, subtle duochome without metallic finish I have seen yet. Tiny flecks of pink and gold glitter layer out evenly with each brushstroke. Pictured is 3 coats, but 2 is doable.
It does dry gritty but is completely leveled with a single coat of topcoat. All in all she's a well thought out indie seller who really deserves more of the limelight. Find Huemorista on Etsy and give her a follow on Facebook too! 

*Product was purchased by myself and was NOT sent for review.

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