Saturday, August 18, 2012

This week's Hubby's Picks does polka dot present (HP15)

Hubby's Picks got skipped last week and I apologize for that. Life happens as you know. But this is a fresh week with a fresh set of picks! For you newer followers my hubby is my best friend and is the kind of man a polish loving gal dreams of. Indulges me and encourages my manicures. One week he challenged me to do a manicure with only the polishes he picked and it became a weekly routine. Each Wednesday or Thursday I post his picks and then Saturday or Sunday I post what I came up with. He has yet to stump me to the point of not being able to pull it off ;)
The lineup from base up is Wet N' Wild Bite The Bullet, then Julep Jaime at the tip, topped with Spoiled Shuffle the Deck (a repeat pick), and dotted with Revlon No Shrinking Violets.
While the colors are fun and playful this isn't my favorite one ever, but I do love the contrast of glitter and creme and want to play with that idea a bit more.
Unrelated but oh my word it's a million degrees in this house! We're having the hottest day of summer today (Thursday) and I am not loving it. Kids seem fine though so I guess I should happy they aren't whining at me...instead I'm whining at them! Roles reversed is fun ;)


  1. There is a lot going on in this one! It's cool, like a study in texture.
    It was SOOO freakin' hot, and C and I were sooo thankful for central air. I love the heat, but triple digits are a little much even for me. :p

    1. It is SOOOOO busy isn't it?? I think if the heat goes back up I'm moving into your place. :) I'll bring my polish stash!