Friday, September 21, 2012

Sassy Lacquer Yeti Yeti Yeti

First and foremost try to type yeti three times in a row. It's like a tongue twister for the fingers! So the maker of Sassy Lacquer and I lovingly refer to this polish as Yet to the third. But now for the good stuff. I give you Sassy Lacquer Yeti Yeti Yeti. I warn you this is picture heavy and you'll understand why in a moment:

 It's like a shimmering blizzard in a bottle and features a color shifting blue pigment in the base that is enhanced by tiny turquoise square glitters. Swirling around in the bottle with these are long white bar glitters (that don't curl!), medium white hexes, white shards, and small silver glitters. It is winter in a bottle.

This is Zoya Cynthia. The top photo looks so black that I thought I'd place my nails against my shirt to show the blue in it. But it's so deep it's very nearly black. We all know shifting bases sing gloriously over a dark base and this one was no different:

I just LOVE how edgy this combination is! This is one coat over one coat of Zoya Cynthia. I did try it over a couple of other colors:
But let's face it: it looks just amazing over the blue-black of Cynthia. It'll look amazing over black too. I'm going to be sporting this look this winter and I highly recommend you head to Sassy Lacquer to snap this look for yourself (it's available for pre-order right now). Also if you aren't a bar glitter lover you can do a custom and ask her to leave out the bars! Here it is alone and three coats:

*This product was sent for my review. Images are not edited except to crop and watermark and are presented with my honest review of the polish*


  1. Wowza, it transformed Cynthia! I was not expecting that color to show up when I clicked on your link, that's for sure. Yeti Yeti Yeti is so icily gorgeous and I love that it makes me think of the Bumble on the old Rudolph Christmas stop-motion special.

    1. Oh my gosh it did for me too!! I forgot to mention that in my review <3

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks so much! I normally hate bar glitter but this one was a shocker and I'm thrilled to have it for the winter.