Thursday, September 13, 2012

Summer Challenge: Day 10 Favorite Mani

This is IT. The final day of this challenge and I have to say it was actually pretty easy to get through! I didn't feel over committed or overwhelmed. Just got to enjoy the challenge and have fun with it. I could totally do more like this!

So last year when I first started I did this manicure. I redid it because it personifies many things about me, about my blog, and, well, it's surprisingly my favorite to date. It might surprise you a little. Well probably not. I originally called this rock it like it's 1999:
Ok so here's why: if you somehow missed it I'm a mommy. A very busy one at that so I came up with this manicure type last year as a quick solution to have a fun and funky manicure. I wasn't very good at stamping consistently but I could handle two nails on each hand. One quick coat of Wet N' Wild Black Creme (seriously a staple for any polish array - my favorite stamping black!), with a coat of China Glaze Haute Metal on every other finger. Then stamp the remaining four nails with Sally Hansen White On, and top those with a coat of OPI Teenage Dream. The entire manicure from basecoat to topcoat should take no longer then 15 minutes.

 The black used to have a label but it's my go to black so yeah. The writing is long gone.

How do you feel about crackle? A bygone fad for you or a style you still visit?


  1. This is the best I've seen crackle, but I could be biased because you're osm. :) I love the stars!! Stars on a mani make me smile. And may I just say that your photos are so elegant.

  2. Very cool, can't go wrong with pink sparkle-y goodness!

  3. I have the CG Haute Metal in my untrieds I guess I'll have to try it out soon! Love how this look so rocker!