Sunday, October 21, 2012

I'm still here....Halloween swap peek anyone?

Hi hi hi!!!! I warned you I might be scarce and I guess I meant it. Design jobs and photography have been coming in and in the midst of this my computer is threatening to bite the dust *insert horrified look*. I've been cleaning up the computer files to prep to go into back up mode. But I'm ready to get back on the proverbial horse and blogging as next month is my birthday month and the presents will be coming in (I don't think I've mentioned yet that I'm in a birthday club).

Before that, though, I got invited to do a Halloween swap!!!! We did it through Elfster so it was totally anonymous (not even admin knew who had who!) and with a small number of gals. Check out this adorable package I got from my friend over at Glam Polish:

Stickers galore!
Check it out...a TERRIBLE picture of what was inside :( I have no excuse except the pure excitement that prohibited me from taking better pictures. Look at the Hello Kitty overload!! Also Tim Tams are amazing and I need more in my life. All the noms are long gone by now.
From left to right: Max Factor Fantasy Fire, Glam Polish Tanzanite, Glam Polish Spooktacular (cute labels if I do say so myself), Hits Air Glow, Layla Coffee Lover, So Laque! Bleu Model, and Picture Polish Kryptonite. The extra nail goodies are the Hello Kitty stamping plate and Hello Kitty stickers. Again terrible picture, but we're in overcast weather so I'm trying to figure that out.
Close up on the Glam Polishes - aren't they just gorgeous?! I was so beside myself with excitement!!!! I'll be posting this week with these two (see the naked nail there? It was being prepped for Spooktacular!). Amazing package, amazing gal. It's been so wonderful getting to know her and I hope we have many years of friendship ahead through our shared loved of polishes and delicious foods from afar.


  1. Awesome swap! So jealous of all the Hello Kitty stuff. I did one via Elfster for Halloween too but must have missed this one. I'm doing one for Christmas if you're interested! ;)

    1. Oh it was one we organized with a couple friends (my wording was weird on that I see). Sadly I've had to forgo Christmas swaps this year :( Hope it's amazing for you though!