Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Affordable Fall Pick: Wet N' Wild Burgundy Frost

So it's Fall apparently. This weekend plans to transition smoothly here from a nice low 70's with sun on Thursday to a high of 59 with showers on Friday. Nice one Oregon. At any rate I was digging through my polishes and came across Wet N' Wild Burgundy Frost and was captured in it's gorgeously deep berry toned beauty with gold shimmery swirls. Sadly the depth comes from the gold shimmers so the gold doesn't translate well to the nail, but it's still a fab Fall shade for the budget conscious nail fashionsta.
To bring out and complement the golden shimmers I paired this with Julep Sienna - by far my most favorite Julep shade. Let's go in for a close up on Burgundy Frost:
Something about this shade is just captivating to me. It's super easy to apply and above is just two coats although you could get away with one coat and at a normal price tag of 0.99 cents how can you go wrong?
I added some gold glitter but I'll post about that tomorrow. Have a Happy Fall day!


  1. happy fall day to you! this is such a rich shade i love it

  2. Ohhh this reminds me of Christmas! So pretty!

    1. It does transition perfectly to Christmas. So versatile and CHEAP. Had it for over a year and still perfect formula <3

  3. Great shade for autumn, looks good on your nails!