Monday, October 1, 2012

ncLA Design Wraps: Bottle Service...Just Charge It!

Alrighty posts are going to become scarce from now on. I have a lot of work and not a lot of time anymore. I'll still be here once a week at least though.

So speaking of time let me tell you about how I feel about pedicures. I hate painting my toenails. I hate having naked toenails. I have a in those two don't really mesh well. I've had people tell me, "oh it's fall time! You don't need to paint them anymore." This is the look I give them: o.0

Rain or shine I am barefoot in my home. It's just the way it is. Maybe I'm allergic to any rate these toes need to be done 365 days a year. Kelly over at Oh La La Polish started selling Jamberry Nail Shields recently and mentioned the pedicure solution is....nail shields! Now why didn't I think of that...

She also did a giveaway for ncLA nail wraps which I won (*SQUEAL* Thanks again Kelly!) So I can attest to the ncLA ones which have some cool designs but Jamberry has at least twice as many designs and a LOT of seasonal choices. Anyhow here's my pedicure after two days of wear (click for a closer view of the design):
How cool are these?! The package came with two color combinations so I love the variety I got:
This is what came in the package: Two sheets of nails strips in two color combinations and the ncLA nail file in a fine grade. The shields are vinyl and have a little stretch, but I think I stretched a little too much on my right big toe. The circles indicate the shields I used on one set of nails. I cut the little ones in half getting four out of the two strips.

These were super simple to use. I was so intimidated at first and the pleasantly surprised at how easy it was. You can pull the strip back up easily to reposition if it isn't straight (I had to do that about ten times on my big toe). No heat or extra tools. Just put down base coat, apply the shield, press it down firmly and file away the excess at the top. Done. Entire thing took me about 15 minutes including time for the base coat to dry.

In case you are wondering about the packaging:
All in all I can see myself buying more of these in the future as a treat but at 16.00 a package it's a bit spendy. Well I guess you get a couple of pedicures out of it....yeah I'll definitely be buying again. Be sure to check out both Jamberry and ncLA for great designs!

*These were sent to me as a result of a giveaway I won. I had no incentive provided for review and presented my honest opinion.*


  1. You have the cuuutest toes!!! And yeah, toes must always be painted, hello! I'm so in the same boat. I never thought to use nail shields on my toesies for some reason...that's really quite ingenious. Belated email on its way, sometime this week. ;)

    1. Oh you're so sweet :) Yeah the nail shields are awesome - they are still on and going strong! Looking forward to the email doll ;)

  2. I hate to make pedicures, I always go for a pedicure in a salon because I am lazy to do it myself and I don't like to do it myself. But these kind of toe nail stripes are looking amazing. If I find something like this in our town I am sure I will buy a few to try it myself. Thanks for sharing!

    1. No problem! Have you ever considered seeing about swapping with someone in US? There's a lot of polish groups on Facebook doing such swaps :)

  3. Woah, those are so cool! And they look fabulous on your toes! I love the design :-)

    ~ Yun