Thursday, December 13, 2012

Let it snow!

So December 1st rolled around and I heard three eager kids go pounding into the living room shouting, "It's winter now!" Followed pretty quickly by, "Hey where's the snow?" Ah kid logic - best thing ever right? Where we are we're lucky to get snow for a couple does in February if at all. What we get is bitter cold with LOTS of rain and wind. Great scene for the holidays right?

Well my bestie came over and brought me a new Sinful Colors called Faceted she had found. Incredible blue to green iridescent bar glitters and small blurple glitter in a blue jelly. I tried one finger swatch to see if it was worth it to build it on it's own and I could tell it'd probably take about 10 coats or more. So over Zoya Cynthia it went:
Add some stamped snowflakes in white (my trusty Sally Hansen White On) with a few half pearl accents and BAM! Winter brought a little snow to this home! The kids LOVED it (but are still curious why no snow has come yet...this may take a few years to sink in.)

Super fun polish - Sinful Colors always make such fun and pretty polishes even if most of them require a little layering to get the most out of them. I don't mind it since I'm usually in for a few coats anyhow. Application is one coat of Zoya Cynthia followed by two coats of Sinful Colors Faceted.


  1. This is so gorgeously striking! I ought to give SCs another look. And yes, got to love kid logic when December = snow and snow = all sorts of fun, lolol. One day I'll be a snowbird. At least that's the goal, lol.

    1. Sinful Colors is the cheap alternative to indies for getting really unique polishes in the glitter department. Formula isn't always amazing but my word there's some super fun stuff to be had. I have to admit that I'm stumped on snowbird though...does that mean you go north for the winter?

    2. Snowbirds live in Arizona for the winter and Oregon for the summer :)

    3. I suppose sunbird would be the more appropriate term, lol.

  2. oh yeah I agree too! its def a statement piece
    it caught my attention in my feed lool