Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

So the Mayans were wrong (there was a few issues with the December prediction anyhow - leap years anyone?). We are now in 2013! Which means break out the bubbly, throw the confetti, and count down to an awesome year. As a nail blogger I am totally stoked to see what ends up trending, how major brands handle seasons and holidays (traditional or non-traditionally with their color choices), and what 2013 holds for finishes.

Base color is NYC Skin Tight Denim (such a pretty cheapie) with a variety of toppers. Writing and outlines done with Migi Nail Art pen in white. Fireworks stamping is done with colors from the Color Club Foiled set. Thumb topper is Essie As Gold as it Gets, ring finger topper is Essence Circus Confetti (see what I did there ;), and pinky is Essie Pure Pearlfection. The "champagne" is Julep Sienna.

I think the big thing this coming year is going to be playing with finishes. We're seeing more collections releasing the bumpy textures (Liquid Sand by OPI and Pixie Dust by Zoya - one has to wonder if China Glaze is planning to climb aboard). I wonder how this trend will translate into drugstore brands...This is by no means a new trend (look up Pebble Beach by Cherimoya) but it's finally catching.

As for my New Year's resolutions I decided to talk to Hubby so he and I could work together this coming year. I used to be hugely passionate for reading and haven't gotten to read hardly at all this past year. So books (one a month - and we've started a Sci-Fi reading club - expect inspired by manicures for these), health (not weight-loss but work out goals - I've agreed to help teach a running class so themed 5k's are in this blogger's future including the Dirty Dash - Hubby is doing it too!!!) and family outings topped our list. It's going to be a super fun year!

As for this blog. I am hoping to buy a lightbox for the coming dreary months and get some better photos happening when nice, natural light isn't available. I'm hoping to start writing some tutorials, bring Hubby's Picks  to a regular feature again, and to host another nail art contest. I foresee some more reviews in my future but I refuse to let those become the main attraction. Other than that more nail art fun coming!

So there you go! What are your resolutions for the coming year? Are you excited for what 2013 holds?

*I photoshopped out a hangnail on one of my nails - I stay away from photoshopping normally but I do understand you are interested in my nail art and not my nail owies*


  1. I'm impressed with your handwriting ability! Nice new year goals, looking forward to the themed posts. :)

    1. Oh the pens make it soooo much easier. Takes a little to get the hang of it but well worth the investment.