Friday, January 4, 2013

Born Pretty Sweet Candy Polish #32 Review

So I'm JUST getting over being sick (for WEEKS). I got another package from Born Pretty Store to review and this time I got to pick two items! This first one is this super amazing polish in number 32 from their Sweet Candy polish line. All images are two, thin coats without topcoat:
On the site it looked more honeydew melon colored but this has stylish mod runway color written all over it. I just love it! I'm a little lost on why the label says BK though....
It's a neon green with yellow tendencies though much less then most spearmint colors. It actually feels unique and it's a mod shade I can totally rock!

As you can see it becomes quite cool in shade and warms up supremely well with direct sunlight.
Check out that brush! This is where I was expecting the cheapness to come out in full swing. You can almost count on a terrible brush with stiff bristles you have to fight to get a good sweep of polish on the nail. Not with this one. Medium length brush with the perfect stiffness and a high bristle count with no flyaways. Made application perfect!

What I love:
  • The bottles are 8ml making them a perfect try-me size at 2.95 with free shipping and a wide array of creamy and nude shades.
  • Dries supremely fast with a beautiful medium gloss.
  • Two coats brought the shade to full opacity and it self leveled despite the fast dry for an even, no-streak finish.
  • Brush is as near salon quality as a cheapie can get.
What I don't love:
  • The smell. Sadly these have an odor to them - nowhere near as strong as a Kleancolor but there none-the-less. It will not be deterring me from ordering more of these though!
  • No idea if these are 3 free or not. I can see on the back that DPB is mentioned but all the rest is caricatures so I'm thinking it probably is.

If you head over to order these be sure to use coupon code EBL91 for a 10% discount (and free shipping always). If ten of you do orders using this code they will sponsor a giveaway through my blog! How cool would that be?

I'll have another review up of the second item I chose (nail art this time) so stay tuned!

*Product was sent to me for my 100% honest opinion*


  1. I'm glad you like this. I just ordered a different shade from this brand and I'm happy you like it :D

    1. Ooooh I'll have to keep an eye out to see which one you got!

  2. It's a cool, edgy little color and you def rock it! Mostly, though, I'm shocked-- SHOCKED!-- to see only one color gracing your lovely nails. ;)

    1. Right! I knew I was sure to shock the crowds with a single color - no worries though. I took it to the next level with the next post coming up ;)