Saturday, January 5, 2013

Born Pretty Two Way Nail Art Pen Review

Good morning lovely readers! Today I have the other item I selected to review: a two way nail art pen in black! I've been very curious about these for some time so I jumped at the chance to review one when Born Pretty Store asked me to pick two items to review. I went with black because the other color I picked was super mod and I wanted to heighten that look. First a closer look at the pen and striper brush itself:
The pen itself is kind of bulky (slightly larger then a double sided marker). I thought one end would be the pen and the other end would be the striper but that wasn't the case.

So the cap pops off to reveal the pen and can be attached to the other side to keep the elongated pen feel for ease of drawing. The "pen" is a tiny metal tube that the polish runs through. The polish is smelly but is actually just the right thickness so that manipulating the pen to draw with is very easy and smooth. This will not turn you into an artist, however, and it's going to take me several manicures to master this new tool.

Put the cap back on and then twist the area below with the indents and you get the striper brush. Here's the MEGA design flaw. It's a marker-like tube...that you have to balance while trying to use the striper. It's not impossible but not overly practical. The brush itself is like any other striper I've used coming to a fine point and works excellent (also I need more practice).

Onto the good stuff: The mod design! I just LOVE this look so much!
I played with the pen a bit - you don't really have to squeeze to get the polish to flow so if you just hold it down it beads at the end for perfect dots. I experimented counting to get smaller and larger dots and it works like a charm. The more up and down you hold it the quicker it flows. Super fun! The stripes along the top are the striper part. Again I was so focused on not tipping the marker over that I had a hard time getting straight lines.

Overall the price is 3.96 which is what you'd pay for a striper alone so this is incredible value. The black is super pigmented (not sure about the other colors but from what I've seen it's a pretty good guess that they are too).

If you hop over to check these out be sure to use coupon code EBL91 for a 10% discount (they always have free shipping world wide). Hope you enjoyed and I'll be back with more nail art soon.


  1. Aha! This is super cute. It sounds like the pen maybe isn't the best choice for a novice nail arteest, though, eh?

    1. Oh they make it easier to do art no doubt - I just know that many people think that getting nail art items will turn them into Monet overnight and that's not the case at all. BUT if you want perfect polka dots this is definitely the ticket.