Monday, January 7, 2013

Nail Art Society alternate look from December box

So I said I'd post some alternate looks for the contents from my December 2012 Nail Art Society box - I'm working on one more with the other polish I got.

So why a pedicure? Well I personally LOVE using rhinestones on my toes. I have no real idea why but I do and I kind of played with the idea they had on the reverse of their idea card using the bigger stones and filling in with some of the smaller ones.

Also it's cold outside. And rainy. But it stopped for a moment and, without giving it a second thought, I ripped my socks off and went barreling outside. Into the cold, wet grass. o.0 Ever wonder how far you'll go for your blog?
Yup - I will stand barefoot in the cold for a couple of good light shots. Now that is dedication.

Back to the pedicure. The polish is Cherimoya Mystery which is a matte polish but I love how vividly glowy it becomes with topcoat. The Stella rhinestones are totally awesome but kind of lose their iridescent edge when topcoat goes over them.

Also I tried cropping in on just the nails and pedicure pictures look super awkward out of context. Try it out. Seriously weird.

Be back later this week with Hubby's Picks. I think he's excited to get it back in motion so we'll see what he decides to challenge me with.

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